Subject Re: [IBO] FR vs QR
Author Luiz Alves
Only a small note:

With FR, since I know, if you compile to work with native IBO datasets you
can't more have reports dataset based.

With RB you can use both. One option doesn't eliminate the other.


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Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002 4:49 PM
Subject: RE: [IBO] FR vs QR

> I have been using FR since the beginning, Alexander has always been
> excellent on support. I gave RB a try last year, just to see... but it
> couldn't match FR for speed.
> With regards flexibility and ease of use, both FR and RB are very similar,
> not surprising when Alexander took the best features from QuickReport and
> Report Builder then made improvements!
> The FAQ nowadays answers a lot of questions which were a mystery in the
> past.
> There were a few problems with IBO initially but I sent Alexander the
> and the latest release works fine now.
> Regardless of the cost, FR is the best Report tool for Delphi.
> 99USD complete with End User Report Tool, cheap at half the price.
> In the past I always found Reports a pain, something which had to be done
> but perhaps tomorrow, now although I still don't enjoy doing them at least
> they aren't so bad that I put them off for another day.
> Steve...