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Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Right. There are a lot of triggers to maintain. A very "transparent"
solution for this problem is my product IBLogManager. This is a
very reliable and user-friendly data logging solution.

IB LogManager logs data changes in the database for each possible
data manipulation operation (Delete/Insert/Update) on specific database
objects(tables, columns). IB5.x/IB6.x/FB1.x support, operation-logging,
column-logging, BLOB-logging, reusable logging definitions,
logdata export, logdata report and many more...

Give it a try. A fully functional 30-days trial version is available from my
web site

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.

Best Regards
Thomas Steinmaurer
IB LogManager 2.0 - The Logging Tool for Interbase/Firebird

""pkh2001fi"" <petter.holmstrom@...> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Hello,
> I need some kind of modification recording for every table. A user
> must be able to see who last edited a certain record in a certain
> table, and when. I was thinking of placing edited and editedby fields
> in every table and then use UPDATE and INSERT triggers to update the
> data. The problem is that there will be a huge number of triggers if
> I do so. Are there any other options?
> Thanks,
> -Petter-
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