Subject Re: Beginnig is hard - Triggers and Not NULL
Author mmenaz
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> > Your other alternative is to provide defaults at the client itself,
> > using the DefaultValues property.
> I don't like this kind of solution because in my opinion it breaks
> the c/s design.

You are right, but consider that IBO has a wanderfull option at dataset level, the GetServerDefaults.
I've all my IB_Query whith that property set to true. There is a performance penality, since default values are retrieved from the server at prepare (?) time, but it does worth the trouble.
I've not followed your problem, but in many situation you can't omit the field from the insert, since what you want is ask the user to fill the field, but if not you have to provide one good value.
With GetServerDefaults you have all this :)
Marco Menardi

> Thank's again both for your suggestions.
> Regards,
> Frank Gruber