Subject Re: [IBO] OK/Cancel like interface with M/D
Author TeamIBO
> Any ideas? Should I drop the manual transaction control function and
> just use transactions to solve my problem?

There is no such thing as a transaction within a transaction in IB/FB.

I cannot quite imagine why you want a separate dialog operating in the
same transaction context as another form - it seems to me that you
would most likely need that dialog to operate within its own
transaction. But then I dont know the full details, so presumably
there is a reason :-)

I guess you could experiment with Cached Updates, they are a feature I
have not tried to use at all - so I dont know how well they work when
mixed with other datasets not using Cached Updates.

If it was only an issue of inserted master/detail records (and not
updates) then you could arrange to delete any posted records on

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing