Subject OK/Cancel like interface with M/D
Author pkh2001fi

I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I didn't find any
post in the message archive so I'll just ask it.

The thing is, I need a data input form with an OK and a Cancel
button. This form uses Master/Detail tables. If the user clicks OK,
the changes in both the master and the detail tables should be
posted. On the other hand, if the user clicks Cancel the changes in
both tables should be cancelled.

I could use a transaction and commit or rollback the changes, but the
problem is I'm already allowing the user to manually commit or
rollback the changes s/he has made with to buttons on the main

I was thinking about using Cached Updates, but I'm not sure that's
the best solution.

Any ideas? Should I drop the manual transaction control function and
just use transactions to solve my problem?