Subject Re: [IBO] how to?
> I worked my way around it, I created a temp table. dump the data in it,
> dropped the original and recreated (including the PK) and dump the data in
> the new table, recreated the indexes.

Something I do as a matter of procedure when working in this
area is to build the new table empty, and the using IB_WISQL
pump the old data in. If you want to keep the old names, and
you said you have several to do, just build all the new ones
in a new database. It's just another safety net, as you can
keep the old database available if required.

> I have to do this for about 15 tables
> so every table will have a PK , and a unique index also.

Any reason for the two? IBO will work quite happily with
what ever unique identifier you have. There have been
comments that you 'should' use an integer PK, but to my mind
it only adds another index that has to be maintained. If the
natural PK for the table exists - us it.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services