Subject Re: [IBO] how to?
Author Daniel Bertin
>This isn't an IBO issue and should be posted in the ib-support list...

Yeap, I realized after the fact and it was to late, sorry

>You've missed a few steps but you will bump into another problem before
>you solve this.

I worked my way around it, I created a temp table. dump the data in it,
dropped the original and recreated (including the PK) and dump the data in
the new table, recreated the indexes.
There doesn't seem to be any null values in any keys, if there are I'll
have to cleanup manually. the index on these keys were unique.
I have to do this for about 15 tables
so every table will have a PK , and a unique index also.

>Varchar(4) seems too small for a unique key unless this is just a little
>control table of some sort...

in this case yes it's a lookup table

>Is there a special reason why you can't use a generator for your primary key?

I'm using a generator for the main tables, which will be the PK .

I'm doing all of this, before inserting an IBODatabase and doing the code
changes you suggested.
Good Idea?


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