Subject Re: [IBO] Re: A newbie's perspective
> I subscribe what you said, Jason, but there could be a reason why GSG should be free: help people start with IBO in the evaluation stage. When I started using IBO I was strongly convinced it was the right way because I already broke my head against standard VCL controls and I've read lots of good comments about IBO in the newsgroups.
> It's not hard to belive to me that a "less pre-convinced" programmer could easely give up with IBO in the first stage if he can not have a tutorial like GSG, possibli in a printable format (I've used an utility to convert it from hlp to rtf, a program called "helpdeco").

It is a difficult one - I can afford to spend time 'helping'
because I am paid by the results of using IBO and WHEN I get
a bit more time I will put up some more Help bits, but Jason
needs money IN to 'maintain the system' and I don't think
that a small donation at the evaluation stage is too much to
ask. LOTS of tools you have to pay the licence fee to get

> I'm sure a Advanced Topic Tutorial will undoubtedly something to pay for ;)

Personally, the GSG is advanced topics - it's all the extra
bits I'm not using yet. The free tutorial and sample bits
are what I 'cut my teeth' on, which is why I have'nt got
round to reading the GSG fully yet.

What I think would help is an even simpler Tutorial for
those people who are new even to Delphi/Builder. A sort of
good practice guide which can be extended as problems and
ideas are covered on the list. It's just nobody has time to
do it <g> - perhaps this year.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services