Subject Re: [IBO] Re: A newbie's perspective
Author Jason Wharton

> Maybe the GSG will have to be provided
> at an even lower cost to newcomers?

Just to make sure people know, I am including it free as a bonus with all
Total and Data Access Bundle purchases.

If people are using IBO for free I think the least they can do to support
it, and be serious about using it, is to purchase the GSG. I do occasionally
allow people to have a free copy of it, but you have to ask and provide a
good reason. I'm flexible but I have to make a living too.

Another thing we have to battle is how often things go ignored because they
are free. If someone has to pay $29.50 for something you can bet they are
going to spend some time with it and get their money's worth. My guess is
those who pay for it get much more out of it than if they got it as a
freebie. That's why I usually only give it to those who are paying for one
of the other licenses. (This is also the reason I pay for every tool and
software program I use. It's good for the attitude.)

Thanks for your other comments. I feel they are representative of how things

Kind regards,
Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ