Subject Re: A newbie's perspective
Author Aage Johansen
Peter wrote:
Let me say at the outset that this is not (an adverse) criticism. I would
just like to give Jason and the Team the opportunity to see things from a
different viewpoint.
I'm a developer myself, so I know only too well that as a project grows in
size, because one has been involved every step of the way one has an
intimate knowledge of all its components, and this is much more difficult
for an outsider to assimilate.
IBO comes with a wealth of resources, in the form of technical notes, help
... ...

You are quite right, there is richness in this set of components. This may
make starting out with IBO look like a rather steep learning
curve. However, rest assured that you can produce rather nice applications
without knowing _everything_ - in fact, making simple apps is quite simple
(and doing the 'impossible' usually proves possible after digging around in
components and tutorials (and newsgroups)).
Your 'lamentation' is not the only one this list has seen, so the need for
a simple introduction is very real. Maybe the GSG will have to be provided
at an even lower cost to newcomers?
I'll admit that I no longer can follow the deeper discussions on this forum
(don't make me admit that I now feel my knowledge of IBO facilities has
become rather shallow!) - even so, I find IBO is indispensible (and
convenient) when writing apps with Delphi+Interbase (or Firebird).

Aage J.