Subject Re: A newbie's perspective
Author Technisoft
At 23:34 10-01-2002 +0000, Marco wrote:
>It's not hard to believe to me that a "less pre-convinced" programmer
>could easily give up with IBO in the first stage if he cannot have a
>tutorial like GSG, possibly in a printable format (I've used a utility to
>convert it from hlp to rtf, a program called "helpdeco").

Thanks for your support, Marco. In my case I have to be doubly
pre-convinced because I already have a working application using IBX.

What is GSG?

Jason makes the entirely valid point that he has to make a living. But the
sort of broad overview/specification that I had in mind would surely be a
useful selling tool. I'm a fine one to talk - like probably the majority of
programmers my marketing skills/enthusiasm are minimal.

And Lester - if your copy were in printed form I might cheekily ask to
borrow it. But I fancy that the costs of mailing it UK - Cape Town - UK
might be more than an outright purchase :>)

Peter Lawson