Subject Field Name not found error(Need help!!)
Author Daniel Rail

I got a problem that is not making sense to me at all. I have a client of
mine that is getting the following error:

Exception 'EIB_StatementError' in module filopto.exe at 00245909
FieldName: LASTNAME not found

The ambiguity of this error is that the field does exists in the table
being referenced and the table is opened via another query prior to this
error. This error happens once my client has logged into my
application. If the field name really didn't exist several errors would
occur while the application is opening.

The other ambiguity to this error is that I can't reproduce it and my
colleague either can't reproduce it. I'm currently using FB 1.0 RC2 and my
colleague is using IB 6.0 beta. My client is using IB 6.0 beta.

Anybody have ideas?

I do have the call stack from the error generated by my client's system, if
it's helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
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