Subject Re: Field Name not found error(Need help!!)
Author mmenaz
It could be a query problem, not a database one. Maybe you are referring the field in a query where is not in the select, or using other properties (i.e. KeyLinks, Joinlinks, OrderingItems or so on) ad having it spelled wrong (double check the error message), or a mix of the above condition.
Just a suggestion...
Marco Menardi

--- In IBObjects@y..., Daniel Rail <drail@n...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I got a problem that is not making sense to me at all. I have a client of
> mine that is getting the following error:
> Exception 'EIB_StatementError' in module filopto.exe at 00245909
> FieldName: LASTNAME not found
> The ambiguity of this error is that the field does exists in the table
> being referenced and the table is opened via another query prior to this
> error. This error happens once my client has logged into my
> application. If the field name really didn't exist several errors would
> occur while the application is opening.
> The other ambiguity to this error is that I can't reproduce it and my
> colleague either can't reproduce it. I'm currently using FB 1.0 RC2 and my
> colleague is using IB 6.0 beta. My client is using IB 6.0 beta.
> Anybody have ideas?
> I do have the call stack from the error generated by my client's system, if
> it's helpful.
> Thanks in advance.
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