Subject Rounding problem .. Numeric9,2; D6, IBO, Tdataset
Author wreymed
Dear Jason, and list members.

Hope you had a blessed festive season.

I am really in the spot here.

Converted D5 software to Delphi 6, IBO6.

All was well, and I never noticed a problem with Numeric9,2 fields.

When using IBO_Database with Tdataset IBOQuery, and a TDBEdit field, the
value is rounded after entering it in the TDBEdit and exiting the TDBEdit.

Eg 234.34 is rounded to 234.33.

I'm not using BDE, so I don't know of a BCD issue.

I don't know where to start looking. This all was working just fine in
Delphi5, but have done so much coding before I stumbled on this, that I'm
afraid converting back would not be an option at this stage of the game.

Please Jason, list members. Would really appreciate any input.


Adrian Wreyford