Subject Re: [IBO] Rounding problem .. Numeric9,2; D6, IBO, Tdataset
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:48 PM 03-01-02 +0200, you wrote:
>Dear Jason, and list members.
>Hope you had a blessed festive season.
>I am really in the spot here.
>Converted D5 software to Delphi 6, IBO6.


>All was well, and I never noticed a problem with Numeric9,2 fields.
>When using IBO_Database with Tdataset IBOQuery, and a TDBEdit field, the
>value is rounded after entering it in the TDBEdit and exiting the TDBEdit.
>Eg 234.34 is rounded to 234.33.

Take a lot at the TI sheet "Working with Currency and Scaled Numeric Data Types" on the tech info page of the IBO website. It's a very recent addition, by Geoff, and answers a lot of questions on this subject.


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