Subject File entered edit state but did not retain field value??
Author Michael L. Horne

I came across this while searching for a different bug.

It seems that if you have the following commands:

ib_query1.FieldByName('BooleanTest').AsBoolean := False;;

This will actually not affect the value in the field at all!

The processing of the second line (setting the boolean value)
will put the query into dssEdit state, but the value "False"
will not be placed into the field.

Maybe this is how it should work, but it took me a couple
of errors to narrow the problem down to this set of commands,
you see only one field of the ones being set was wrong.
(the first one). Also, instead of a "Post" I had a

So Jason, is this a bug, or the way it should work, I would
think it should work differently. Possible options:
1. Goes into edit state and keeps the value.
2. Error message saying that the query is not in edit state.

Michael L. Horne