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Quote from Geoff back in February

> Find/Download the Interbase Language Reference. Part of
the IB6 beta
> documentation:

> It describes the metadata tables. To read the metadata
just select
> like in a normal table. It is NOT recommended that you
try to update
> the tables directly, just use the information to determine
> changes are required. Then create the necessary SQL and
run through
> TIB_Script.

> Interbase comes with built in versioning of metadata.
This limits
> changes to system metadata to 255 occurances per item -
after which
> the database must be backed up and restored to reset the
> information.

> Because of these complications, you may find it easier to
build a new
> database and perform a data-transfer between the old and
new (rather
> than trying to issue alter commands that may or may not

> It seems to me that this gives you more control and better

> predictability. Your update program can run a script that
creates the
> new database, then transfer data from the old database -
allowing you
> to take control over the transfer process and fill-in of
new fields
> etc.

I follow the same rules.
When you are making changes to the metadata keep the users
out, and any major updates are build as a clean database
into which data is pumped.

Lester Caine
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