Subject Re: [IBO] Two databases in same project
Author Martijn Tonies
btw, if it comes to the local loopback, you can add it has a hardware
device - should probably work just fine on Win98 too.

Vendor: Microsoft
Adapter: MS Loopback thingy

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""stanw1950"" <stanw@...> schreef in bericht
> I am trying to convert a large project from BDE to IBObjects. The
> project uses two databases. Since I am testing locally, both get the
> same protocol (cpLocal), the same server (localhost), but different
> paths (to different databases). It takes over 30 seconds to open the
> first tibotable (database connected property previously set to true
> early in the code) in the second database. Once it is opened, it can
> be closed and opened repeatedly in under a second. It seems that
> somehow the first database (which already had a table opened) is
> blocking the second database's connection, forcing the second
> database to find a new way to the database - hence the 30 second
> delay. I'm working in Delphi 6, Interbase 6, Win 98, IBO 4.2ef.
> Thanks for any help.
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