Subject Two databases in same project
Author stanw1950
I am trying to convert a large project from BDE to IBObjects. The
project uses two databases. Since I am testing locally, both get the
same protocol (cpLocal), the same server (localhost), but different
paths (to different databases). It takes over 30 seconds to open the
first tibotable (database connected property previously set to true
early in the code) in the second database. Once it is opened, it can
be closed and opened repeatedly in under a second. It seems that
somehow the first database (which already had a table opened) is
blocking the second database's connection, forcing the second
database to find a new way to the database - hence the 30 second
delay. I'm working in Delphi 6, Interbase 6, Win 98, IBO 4.2ef.
Thanks for any help.