Subject Re: [IBO] Two databases in same project
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:51 AM 01-01-02 +0000, you wrote:
>I am trying to convert a large project from BDE to IBObjects. The
>project uses two databases. Since I am testing locally,

Stan, it is here:

>both get the
>same protocol (cpLocal), the same server (localhost),

localhost is the TCP/IP local loopback server and your protocol should be cpTCP_IP, not cpLocal. There is probably a living nightmare going on in IB's network layer! Localhost is for TCP/IP local loopback,

>but different
>paths (to different databases).

The path should be "local to the server" but, because you have server and client on the same machine, in reality they appear the same.

Ensure that you have BOTH server and path and that your windows/HOSTS file has this entry (it probably has, but do check): localhost

If you find that in fact there is no HOSTS file there, just copy the file name Hosts.SAM and rename it to HOSTS. Open this file using Notepad and uncomment (remove # from) the line identifying localhost.

One extra thing I discovered that sped up local loopback's initial connection speed was to explicitly select the local loopback virtual adapter (select it from the adapter list) AND to go in and properly set it to (thanks to a tip from Mark O'Donohue). It had been sitting there as, which I think was assigned to it by Windows as a result of having two NICs numbered and respectively.

As Mark pointed out, the loopback just loops around and around trying to get a unique gateway and eventually just times out and finally gets success by using the genuine localhost IP as an absolute last resort. Your objective should be for it to whack to the correct IP by the shortest possible route.

Take IPX/SX right out of your protocol list, too, if it's there.