Subject Re: [IBO] Two databases in same project
Author Geoff Worboys
> I kind of thought this was the ib support group.

There tends to be some overlap and so we do occassionally end up
talking about IB/FB specific issues.

But not everyone is wise enough to use IBO :-) So when a problem may
be specific to Interbase/Firebird you generally have a better chance
of getting appropriate responses from the ib_support list.

> I will say that I have had no problem with the delay when
> using BDE. I guess there are some things the BDE does better then
> IBObjects.

I only said that the it *may* be the problem. I have some quite
complex databases and the startup delays can be noticable, however has
Jason pointed out; you can discover if this is the case by using the
SQL monitor component.

I dont so much consider that it is something that "the BDE does
better". Rather it is the cost of enabling the various IBO features
that the BDE cannot offer.

> All I did was the quick conversion from BDE to IBObjects with
> greplace as was recommended in the guide.

There will always be instances where the "generic" is not completely
appropriate to every project. Thats why we developers have work :-)

> It's possible there is some quirk with my home computer. I've always
> suspected there was something not quite right about it. Thanks.

I've had that problem. My current system ran slow and hot for over 12
months until one of the CPU fans died and I had to replace it. Only
then I discovered the original heatsinks had been attached without
conducting paste. I replaced all the heatsinks and everything was

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing