Subject Re: [IBO] Two databases in same project
Author stanw1950
Thanks Geoff.

Yea I know this is not the interbase support group. Somehow ib looked
like ibo this morning. I created a small app with the two databases
and the monitor component. It appears that one database is always
twice as slow to open a table as the other. For the slower database,
the monitor showed on the first statement with the rdb$primary name
(see below) a time of around 33.5 seconds each time I ran the
program, with the total time to open the table about 54 seconds. The
second table (in the second database) showed the first statement with
a rdb$primary name with a time of about 9 seconds, with a total open
time of about 28 seconds. I got about the same times no matter what
table I opened first. Therefore, there does not appear to be a
communication problem. The slow table is the Adapta Accounts database
(if you are familiar with that accounting package)which I did not
create which makes extensive use of domains, which I do not in the
first database. The first database is much larger - more tables,
stored procedures, triggers, and data, so the slowness of the second
database must have something to do with the domains, at lease that's
my guess. Sorry for the long post - that's my last one on this

TR_HANDLE = 14554584
STMT_HANDLE = 14554656
PARAMS = [ Version 1 SQLd 1 SQLn 1

SECONDS = 33.450