Subject Re: Importing from Excel to Interbase

An alternative option (at a cost) would be to use the OfficePartner
library from TurboPower. This hides the COM and automation
techniques for you.

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Francis Moore

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> Hi,
> We have numerous Excel spreadsheets, most have multiple worksheets
> within them. We need to import this data to (one) IB table. So far,
> have not seen a (freeware) tool to do this.
> The tools I have tried couldn't recognise the individual sheets. The
> Excel file is always setup as a DSN with the ODBC Administrator. I
> see the setup in BDE Admin, but only when I access the BDE from
> Delphi, can I see anything within the Excel file, that resembles the
> sheet name. The sheet name may be ONP, and I _think_ from Delphi, it
> showed the name as $ONP. However, just accessing the BDE directly
> does not display the additional information.
> Have done some research, and a few posts were mentioning the problem
> is that the sheets within the Excel file are recognised by Delphi as
> system tables, and therefore not shown.
> We only have 4 Excel files, but there are many sheets within each
> file, so I do not want to have to export to CSV, or some other crude
> (manual) method. Surely it can be done in Delphi somehow.
> There are possibly an additional 100 to 150 Excel files, all most
> likely with multiple sheets and multiple formats within each sheet.
> How can I do this "cleanly" in Delphi, and pump the records into
> Interbase ?
> Which reminds me, when I trialled the Delphi 5 Enterprise, there
was a
> Borland datapump included. Now that I have purchased D6 Pro, I don't
> see a datapump ?
> Thanks,
> Peter