Subject Re: [IBO] Can IBO do this ?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Peter, has no-one answered you?

> Can Delphi/IBO do the following ?
> (i) Check if anyone is using the Dbase file from Delphi, either obtain
> API info, or try opening in shared mode. First method is preferred,
> because the Clipper app opens file exclusively , I think. Advise user
> of problem, etc.

I normally just try to open the file (actually using the BDE), and gets an error if it cannot access it. So the answer is yes,
Delphi can do that (most likely you can get the API info as well, but I don't know how to do that).

> (ii) Create an empty .GDB and 'pump' the Dbase file in. I do not want
> to use BDE, ADO, ODBC, should only need to setup IB on users
> computer. If there is no easy way to import the data, then writing
> some code to read the flat Dbase file shouldn't be too hard, surely.

Yes, this can be done provided Interbase is set up. You can use IBO to create your .gdb and pump data.

> (iii) Filer and sort the IB table, and create a (simple) QuickReports
> type report. Or do you add an index, I don't know ?

No, IB tables are never sorted except by coinsidence! But you are adviced to use a primary key for all your tables and you can
sort any output data set on any column.

> (iv) The data volume is not big, 200 K at the most.

That's very small for IB (I think the biggest IB databases are approximately 200Gb).

I guess you could experience a considerable loss of speed when changing to IB - dBase is a desktop database, whereas IB is
client/server. Be prepared to change your way of thinking - you're in for a change similar to changing from rowing a boat to
driving a ferry (and for distances < 100 meters you don't experience too many benefits from doing such a change).