Subject [IBO] Can IBO do this ?

We have a Clipper application (Dbase III+ files), and I'm looking for
an interim solution, to provide the user with reports under Windows.
(The final solution is to convert all the Dbase files to IB, and
re-write all the Clipper apps to Delphi, but that's quite a way down
the track).

Can Delphi/IBO do the following ?

(i) Check if anyone is using the Dbase file from Delphi, either obtain
API info, or try opening in shared mode. First method is preferred,
because the Clipper app opens file exclusively , I think. Advise user
of problem, etc.

(ii) Create an empty .GDB and 'pump' the Dbase file in. I do not want
to use BDE, ADO, ODBC, should only need to setup IB on users
computer. If there is no easy way to import the data, then writing
some code to read the flat Dbase file shouldn't be too hard, surely.

(iii) Filer and sort the IB table, and create a (simple) QuickReports
type report. Or do you add an index, I don't know ?

(iv) The data volume is not big, 200 K at the most.