Subject Importing from Excel to Interbase

We have numerous Excel spreadsheets, most have multiple worksheets
within them. We need to import this data to (one) IB table. So far, I
have not seen a (freeware) tool to do this.

The tools I have tried couldn't recognise the individual sheets. The
Excel file is always setup as a DSN with the ODBC Administrator. I can
see the setup in BDE Admin, but only when I access the BDE from
Delphi, can I see anything within the Excel file, that resembles the
sheet name. The sheet name may be ONP, and I _think_ from Delphi, it
showed the name as $ONP. However, just accessing the BDE directly
does not display the additional information.

Have done some research, and a few posts were mentioning the problem
is that the sheets within the Excel file are recognised by Delphi as
system tables, and therefore not shown.

We only have 4 Excel files, but there are many sheets within each
file, so I do not want to have to export to CSV, or some other crude
(manual) method. Surely it can be done in Delphi somehow.

There are possibly an additional 100 to 150 Excel files, all most
likely with multiple sheets and multiple formats within each sheet.
How can I do this "cleanly" in Delphi, and pump the records into
Interbase ?

Which reminds me, when I trialled the Delphi 5 Enterprise, there was a
Borland datapump included. Now that I have purchased D6 Pro, I don't
see a datapump ?