Subject Re: [IBO] Interbase/MIDAS. Selecting Server/DB at run time
Just a thought

As one of the tables on your server site, could be a list
of Generic Names <-> Physical Names + any other physical
attributes. This table plus possible combined with some
User Login table makes up your initial connection DataBase.
Now the Client, after passing the user requirement can select
the Generic Name and the Thin Server/Client fun can start :)

I do something simular, using Asta ThinServerClient products
instead of Midas.



Guillaume JUSTIER wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am using MIDAS with IBObjects 4 that I just purchased.
> I have a (stupid) problem with my application :
> In the old days of BDE and fat client, I had an INI files with a list of
> server/databases on each client, and they could select which one to connect
> to (usually a LIVE or a TRAINING database). I was then just changing the
> TDATABASE component and I was connected.
> Now that I moved to C/S with Interbase and MIDAS, how can I reproduce this
> principle ?
> My problem is :
> there is nothing interbase on my client (that was the goal) as all my
> ibojects are on a midas module on the server. I would like to be able to
> select a different database at run time. I simply don't know how to
> implement this.
> I suspect it is something that some of you must do every day, so I would
> appreciate some help to decide which is the best design.
> Thanks in advance,
> Guillaume.
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