Subject Interbase/MIDAS. Selecting Server/DB at run time
Author Guillaume JUSTIER
Hi all,
I am using MIDAS with IBObjects 4 that I just purchased.

I have a (stupid) problem with my application :
In the old days of BDE and fat client, I had an INI files with a list of
server/databases on each client, and they could select which one to connect
to (usually a LIVE or a TRAINING database). I was then just changing the
TDATABASE component and I was connected.

Now that I moved to C/S with Interbase and MIDAS, how can I reproduce this
principle ?
My problem is :
there is nothing interbase on my client (that was the goal) as all my
ibojects are on a midas module on the server. I would like to be able to
select a different database at run time. I simply don't know how to
implement this.
I suspect it is something that some of you must do every day, so I would
appreciate some help to decide which is the best design.

Thanks in advance,


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