Subject Re: [IBO] Start Interbase when my IBO App runs?

I will not respond to your other eMail - I work entirely in
Builder, which is not Jason's native format, and started in
IBO before the Getting Started Guide had even been thought
of, but I did not have any major problems running it up. The
only ones where correcting for Borlands inadaquacies in
writing compatible software - something that I sill have to
put up with.

When I first looked at IBO I shelved it for 6 months before
returning to it. That was not because of IBO but because
it's methods actually work but are alien to the how Borland
thinks things should go. After wasting a further 6 month
trying to get BDE and Interbase working ( We were at the
point of scrapping Interbase altogether ) I had another go -
started with a clean sheet of paper - and came, with the
help of Firebird, to a stable 24/7 solution which I could
work with.

That was 18 months ago. I can now build stable multi user
modules in hours because of the power built into IBO. ( I
still have probably 6 months of work to move the remains of
15 years of windows/dos code over to NT/98, then I start
worrying about WXXX or what ever follows WinXP )

Please remember that IBO is not Jason's day job. You are
right that re-embursing him for his work is important, but
the product would not exist at all if he had not had the
forsight to see what I did not, that Borland/Microsoft can
not write software so he needed to produce his own in order
to give his employer a good stable system.

In the early days I was flustrated by failure - and made the
mistake of assuming that IBO was at fault - but once I
started with a clean sheet of paper and learnt what
Interbase could do for it's self I learnt the errors of my
ways and gained daily.

( I've been building computer systems for 30 years and only
came to programming them myself because I could not find
'engineers' like Jason who could address the software
problems - Mircosoft and Borland certainly can't )

delphiman wrote:
> I didn't know this either!!
> For Heaven's sake - this is surely a pretty obvious requirement - so let's have it!!
> I have in excess of 1200 users who will need it. (See other e-mail,)

Interbase/Firebird is not under Jason's control - he is as
much out of the 'management' loop as all of us. I have
standardised on Firebird as having even spent money with
Borland for consulting support they NEVER got Interbase to
work properly. Perhaps I should have given in and switched
databases years ago when it was obvious that Interbase was
not right, but then I would not have the system I have now
which is a joy to use.

Control of the server ( and to a certain extent backup ) is
something that does need addressing - but not something that
IBO can address until Firebird has an interface that can
manage it.

My systems have an engineering interface, which uses IBO to
access the EQUIPMENT database and monitors that all programs
are running, switching to a backup server if the main server
goes down. I am sure you will agree that this is a level
above IBObjects.

I have to stop this now as it is not paying bills - please
eMail me privately if you still have concerns.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services