Subject Re: [IBO] Jason get Helen to reel her neck in!! Or lose $90 000!!!
Author Jason Wharton

Here is what Helen said:

"btw, if you are not bothering to keep the list emails for reference, you
can review the list traffic through a threaded newsgroup interface at
news:// That will also be a source of answers to many of
your questions. Also, please make use of the FAQ pages on the web site."

I find no fault with what she has said here at all. In fact, I view this as
going the extra mile to make sure everyone is aware of the resources
available to get the information they need in the format they prefer.
Searching an archive or newsgroup is a very effective way to get immediate

I also want to make one thing VERY clear. Most of what you are complaining
about is a result of my efforts and not Helen. I wrote the HowToInstall.txt
file, not Helen. I asked her to take it over and improve it when you came
along. She has made great efforts to do so.

I want Helen to know that I commend her for her tireless effort and diligent
work to contribute greatly to the IBO Community. I really do not think she
deserves to be treated in the manner that she is here. I would much prefer
her continued efforts and enthusiasm within the IBO Community than I would
$90,000 USD cold hard cash in my pocket. She is a vital organ to the life of
our community.

I'm not going to stand in judgment on who is right or wrong in this
situation and try to dictate this or that. Nor do I want to ever hear of
anyone ever being "compelled" to use IBO. What I want to see come of this is
people who work together in a civilized manner with genuine honesty and
integrity of spirit. People looking for truth with sincerity will find it if
they want it enough and put fourth the effort.

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. What matters is that we all do
our best and communicate with tolerance and understanding. We are doing our
best and no ounce of demands, bribery or compellation is going to extract
one extra drop of effort on our parts. This is already an effort largely of
love and charity. No other source of motivation compares. I only feel pain
from your efforts to make things more suited to your liking.

If your experience with IBO is not to your liking then I invite you to
discontinue your efforts to use it.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 3:37 PM
Subject: [IBO] Jason get Helen to reel her neck in!! Or lose $90 000!!!

if you are not bothering to keep the list emails for reference

Helen you are NOT doing Jason's excellent efforts and (what appears to be)
an excellent development any good with this kind of snide remark. I have
previously choked you BOTH off for your antagonistic and supersillous
attitude in seperate e-mail and do not hesitate to do it again now - ON THIS

I am 62 - have been in IT for 36 years - and have EMPLOYED people like you
in the past. THEY didn't DARE to talk to me like this - and neither will

Your non-existant "sales attitude" needs to be adjusted to the fact that
whilst "the customer is NOT necessaraly always right" one does not HAVE
'wrong customers'. They become SOMEONE ELSE'S.

This after having ALREADY indicated that I do not feel that Jason's
"licensing fee" is adequate reward for his efforts - on moral grounds alone.
That I will be (?) building in a 5% cost factor for each and every licensed
user of my developments - for onward transmission to Jason's bank account.
If you'd like to do some sums consider that 5% on (R3 000 X 1200) = A$180
000 (or USA$90 000) from which I suggest you re-appraise what your attitude
will be towards me henceforth.

Since you appear to imbibe in the insane practise of "speed-reading" -
thereby missing IMPORTANT details (in what you apparently beleive is
"unneccessarily long-winded e-mail") I repeat for you AGAIN.
As a Delphi lecturer I have the influence to almost "compel" up to 12
students at a time to use IBO. Which is (was?) my intention.
I am poised to release AT LEAST ONE development of mine through my website
to AT LEAST 1200 customers in and around Australia ALONE. (See above
arithmetic.) Without even mentioning a development for the entire aviation
Industry (including Boeing in Seattle and British AeroSpace (Concorde)) -
World Wide!!! For which I need the (apparent) benefits to be had from

Working!!! NOW!!!!!!!

And since you appear to be too insensitive to notice it - I remind you AGAIN
that I have struggled and persevered with IBO. Losing TWO WEEKS in the
process - merely to get it INSTALLED. TOTALLY because of BUM
"HowToInstall.txt" instructions (which I understand YOU wrote) and an
installation kit (as prepared by Jason) that COULD NOT work for Delphi4

And then having FINALLY got IBO installed - I am confronted with the insane
idea of having "Getting Started Guide " someplace OTHER than where it

As it is I and my team don't have the time to waste on a long
"learning-curve" - involving a lot of reading and studying stuff that is
ultimately going to be useless to us anyway. And under the circumstances I
believe it to be a good idea for BOTH of you to solve my problems
"as-and-when" I hit them.

WITHOUT chirp of this nature.

Indeed I believe you would be well-advised to

Apologise to me - ON THIS LIST.

URGENTLY send me the this wretched "Getting Started Guide " FIFTHwith - for
which I REFUSE to pay anything. IBO having already wasted enough of my
time - which exceeded $25 whatever LONG ago!! And may God help you if it is
of the same poor quality as the garbage in the "HowToInstall.txt".

And DON'T push your luck with me ANY further Helen!

Mobile: (Australia) 0407-007-159
Phone: ( Australia (02) 6041-1036)
ICQ 63345769

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From: Helen Borrie
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Subject: Re: [IBO] Your user name and password wha wha wha...

At 07:26 AM 13-09-01 +0100, Terry Theunissen wrote:
> > However when I create my own model (as identical as possible - except
for DataBase details) being VERY careful to copy the Objects to have the
identical Properties as far as possible - I get a (now my favourite) Error
335544472 "Your user name and password are not defined wha wha wha." .....
And I am expected to ask some mysterious "administrator" to wave his/her
magic wand ... or something. To make it all better.

Lester Caine wrote:

>The development environment in IBO4 is design to prevent the
>password being saved within the program - as this was a
>complaint in IBO3 - it was in plain text!
>There is an option to change this action so that it is saved
>with a key determined either locally or globally depending
>on what you want.
>I suspect that you are seein this because the password need
>to be entered again - hence my suggestion to use the logon
>prompt in the first instance.
>( I can't tell you which property because I still have 4.2E
>on the production machine, and the mods to this came later -
>notes say 'PasswordStorage' on 4.2Ea )

As noted in response to one of your previous posts, you need to consider
the PasswordStorage property. TIB_Connection defaults to psNone - meaning
you must activate the LoginPrompt property and enter the user name and
password into the login dialog.

In your sample project, I set your IB_Connection's PasswordStorage
property to psNotSecure, which causes the password to be saved in the DFM
file of your data module with light encryption (OK for development, not
recommended for deployment). That's why you were successful in running that
project without entering a password.

There are two intermediate settings - psKeyFromMachineReg and
psKeyFromUserReg - which both cause the password to be stored in Registry

btw, if you are not bothering to keep the list emails for reference, you
can review the list traffic through a threaded newsgroup interface at
news:// That will also be a source of answers to many of
your questions. Also, please make use of the FAQ pages on the web site.


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