Subject Re: [IBO] Your user name and password wha wha wha...
> However when I create my own model (as identical as possible - except for DataBase details) being VERY careful to copy the Objects to have the identical Properties as far as possible - I get a (now my favourite) Error 335544472 "Your user name and password are not defined wha wha wha." ..... And I am expected to ask some mysterious "administrator" to wave his/her magic wand ... or something. To make it all better.


The development environment in IBO4 is design to prevent the
password being saved within the program - as this was a
complaint in IBO3 - it was in plain text!

There is an option to change this action so that it is saved
with a key determined either locally or globally depending
on what you want.

I suspect that you are seein this because the password need
to be entered again - hence my suggestion to use the logon
prompt in the first instance.

( I can't tell you which property because I still have 4.2E
on the production machine, and the mods to this came later -
notes say 'PasswordStorage' on 4.2Ea )

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services