Subject Your user name and password wha wha wha...
Author delphiman
With many thanks to Helen Borrie I now have a basic model up and working - using IBO.

However when I create my own model (as identical as possible - except for DataBase details) being VERY careful to copy the Objects to have the identical Properties as far as possible - I get a (now my favourite) Error 335544472 "Your user name and password are not defined wha wha wha." ..... And I am expected to ask some mysterious "administrator" to wave his/her magic wand ... or something. To make it all better.

This whilst at the same instant I have easy access to that same DataBase through the InterBase Interreactive SQL using the same old SYSDBD and "masterkey" - without any "administrator" anywhere in sight.

Can someone please suggest where I am going wrong.

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