Subject Re: [IBO] Your user name and password wha wha wha...
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:26 AM 13-09-01 +0100, Terry Theunissen wrote:
> > However when I create my own model (as identical as possible - except for DataBase details) being VERY careful to copy the Objects to have the identical Properties as far as possible - I get a (now my favourite) Error 335544472 "Your user name and password are not defined wha wha wha." ..... And I am expected to ask some mysterious "administrator" to wave his/her magic wand ... or something. To make it all better.

Lester Caine wrote:

>The development environment in IBO4 is design to prevent the
>password being saved within the program - as this was a
>complaint in IBO3 - it was in plain text!
>There is an option to change this action so that it is saved
>with a key determined either locally or globally depending
>on what you want.
>I suspect that you are seein this because the password need
>to be entered again - hence my suggestion to use the logon
>prompt in the first instance.
>( I can't tell you which property because I still have 4.2E
>on the production machine, and the mods to this came later -
>notes say 'PasswordStorage' on 4.2Ea )

As noted in response to one of your previous posts, you need to consider the PasswordStorage property. TIB_Connection defaults to psNone - meaning you must activate the LoginPrompt property and enter the user name and password into the login dialog.

In your sample project, I set your IB_Connection's PasswordStorage property to psNotSecure, which causes the password to be saved in the DFM file of your data module with light encryption (OK for development, not recommended for deployment). That's why you were successful in running that project without entering a password.

There are two intermediate settings - psKeyFromMachineReg and psKeyFromUserReg - which both cause the password to be stored in Registry keys.

btw, if you are not bothering to keep the list emails for reference, you can review the list traffic through a threaded newsgroup interface at news:// That will also be a source of answers to many of your questions. Also, please make use of the FAQ pages on the web site.


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