Subject Re: [IBO] Replacing theGrid's Inplace Editor
Author Jason Wharton
I believe the date calendar I provide will give you the ability to set an
event OnStrikeDay or something like that. This will eliminate certain days
by putting an X in them. We may need to surface the event somehow. Please
have a look in the sources and do the plumbing necessary and I will include
it for you if you send me the modified files.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 1:46 PM
Subject: Re: [IBO] Replacing theGrid's Inplace Editor

> Thanks for you reply Geoff. My need is for a "working day" calculator, a
> window which handles a result set of non-working days, two edit controls,
> two radio groups and your date
> picker, to allow a user to select a date such as "base date plus (or
> so many working (or calendar) days".
> The calculation of the date is simple. User want "30 working days from the
> 15th of this month" and maintain a database of non-working days. The code
> do this is simple, once users have a table of non-working days. Would you
> interested in a "working day calcluator" if I gave you a working example
> with code?
> Another simpler way for me to do this is intercept the [...] button with
> three dots which starts the inplace editor and run my form. Is that
> possible?
> I am using IBO 36.Dg and do not see your TIB_DateTimeEnh. Is it in a file
> somewhere?
> Best regards
> Russell
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> > > In a TIB_GRID I have date fields
> >
> > And I forgot to mention that my Enhanced Components include a
> > date/datetime control (TIB_DateTimeEnh) that can be dropped onto the
> > grid. Whether you will like the control is a different story :-)
> >
> > Geoff Worboys
> > Telesis Computing