Subject Re: [IBO] Replacing theGrid's Inplace Editor
Author Russell Belding
""Jason Wharton"" <jwharton@...> wrote in message
> I believe the date calendar I provide will give you the ability to set an
> event OnStrikeDay or something like that. This will eliminate certain days
> by putting an X in them. We may need to surface the event somehow. Please
> have a look in the sources and do the plumbing necessary and I will
> it for you if you send me the modified files.

Hello Jason

Thanks for your reply. I am managing non-working days in another dedicated

Here it what would be helpful in a future version.

At present when I run my date calculator using the
TIB_Grid.OnEditButtonClick event handler, when my form completes the
inplaceEditor ( a date picker) runs. It would be good to have a way to turn
off the inplace editor if I handle editing.

Eg. have a property in the grid to display the InplaceEditor button but not
to run the editor itsefl if the property is set.
Eg. adjusting the logic in the routine mentioned below to trest text and
date fields equally.

At present I have gone into IBG_CUSTOM.IMP and added the Exit; below.

if Assigned(FOnEditButtonClick) then
FOnEditButtonClick( Self );
// otherwise, if EditLinksAuto is true then present the memo editor...

Tthe date editor runs even when EditAutoLinks is false as the logic in
procedure TIB_CustomGrid.EditButtonClick does not treat text fields and date
fields equally.

My addittion is a quick hack not a good solution.