Subject Re: [IBO] Replacing theGrid's Inplace Editor
Author Russell Belding
Thanks for you reply Geoff. My need is for a "working day" calculator, a
window which handles a result set of non-working days, two edit controls,
two radio groups and your date
picker, to allow a user to select a date such as "base date plus (or minus)
so many working (or calendar) days".

The calculation of the date is simple. User want "30 working days from the
15th of this month" and maintain a database of non-working days. The code to
do this is simple, once users have a table of non-working days. Would you be
interested in a "working day calcluator" if I gave you a working example
with code?

Another simpler way for me to do this is intercept the [...] button with
three dots which starts the inplace editor and run my form. Is that

I am using IBO 36.Dg and do not see your TIB_DateTimeEnh. Is it in a file

Best regards


""Geoff Worboys"" <geoff@...> wrote in message
> > In a TIB_GRID I have date fields
> And I forgot to mention that my Enhanced Components include a
> date/datetime control (TIB_DateTimeEnh) that can be dropped onto the
> grid. Whether you will like the control is a different story :-)
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing
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