Subject Re: [IBO] Report Component
Author Geoff Worboys
> It's known that IB_... doesn't work with Quick Report, so,
> there's any other one like QR that works with IBO? maybe
> Report Builder or any other?

There is a special pipeline available from (login and goto the file area)
that will operate using TIB_DataSource. This will work with RB5.5, to
use an earlier version of RB use the pipeline in the AddOn directory
of IBObjects.

In the same locations is a unit called daIBO.pas. This unit is
required to use DADE in the end-user reporting feature of RB.

I've heard that the registered version of FastReport has support for
native IBO (but not the eval version). I've also heard lots of good
reports about FastReport but still have not found time to look at
properly myself. I think the URL is but my
ISP is having troubles and I cant check that at the moment (otherwise
just do a search for FastReport and it should show up).


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing