Subject Re: [IBO] Report Component
Author Lester Caine
Alternative address for FastReport

I find it works well, where QuickReport stops, and accesses
the same IB_Query that is displaying the information on the

Last line of the info page -
IBObjects supported in reporter core (without the BDE)

It also has a very nice Report Generator, which the user can
access and so updates to reports are taken out of the
program. I have an Appointment system, where the user adds
the text for the appointment letter straight onto the
FastReport blank, and can edit and creat additional blanks
as required. Not easy with QuickReport.

Only problem is that you need the licenced copy in order to
build an IBO version, but the IBOQuery works fine while you
have a look - you don't really need the IBO native stuff,
but it cuts down on the number of queries needed.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services