Subject RE: [IBO] Query opening timings
Author Kaputnik
Another thing to remember is, that IBO will issue several queries to the
metadata of your DB to get the requred, not-null and so on columns....
This is not an issue for smaller queries, but for more complex forms
with several queries open this can consume just a time, too.
IBO has the schema-cache, which can cache db-metadata locally and is
very usefull to speed up form-opening times. Just enter a
schemacache-directory in the edit in the TIB_Connection-editor, and
schemacahce is enabled (and disabled by emptying the edit)....
Basically, this is a very good mechanism as soon as your DB-metadata is
stable, and worthless if your db is still in development and

CU, Nick

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> Subject: [IBO] Query opening timings
> My first IBO app is going well and I'm thrilled with IBO's
> versatility.
> But one issue I'd appreciate some guidance on is 'how long should my
> queries take to open?' They take longer than I'd like them to,
> because users say the program is slow to startup.
> My 'smaller' queries (one table, a few columns) take a fifth to a half
> second to become active and are not a concern.
> My 'larger' queries take from 2 to 6 seconds to open (2 to 4 joined
> tables, 20 to 50 columns). A few of these soon add up to a slow start-
> up.
> I only have test data, so number of rows being returned isn't an
> issue. It's across a 10M LAN, but even running on a local machine
> (PIII 450MHz 256M) gives only a small improvement.
> The primary question I have is to ask is are these sorts of times to
> be expected?
> I appreciate I can do stuff myself to help, such as opening on-demand
> rather than at application start-up; pruning unnecessary columns;
> no FetchAll; use SchemaCacheDir (any others?), but it would be
> helpful for a newbie to know if 2 to 6 seconds are in any way
> typical, or is it likely there is something fundamental I've missed
> here?
> Thanks, Andy Garner.
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