Subject Re: [IBO] Query opening timings
Author Geoff Worboys
> Do you mean with activate to open the lookup-table ?

Yes, open and close as required. Obviously this means that some
delays occur when you first start to use the lookup, but these seem to
fairly small. On large lookup tables I make sure to use the POS=n
capability of the orderinglinks to keep the response acceptable.

> If so, how can you display a value in the field
> without opening the query ?

Same way people do it when using TIB_LookupCombo on a grid. Setup the
main dataset so that it has an embedded select of the display field
(or use a join) and then setup the lookup dataset so that KeyDescLinks
will cause the embedded select value to be updated when the main
dataset row is edited.

As you will realise, this means that embedded selects and KeyDescLinks
become mandatory with TIB_LookupEnh, whereas with TIB_LookupCombo they
are only required when using the combo on a grid. You cant have
everything :-)

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing