Subject [IBO] Query opening timings
My first IBO app is going well and I'm thrilled with IBO's

But one issue I'd appreciate some guidance on is 'how long should my
queries take to open?' They take longer than I'd like them to,
because users say the program is slow to startup.

My 'smaller' queries (one table, a few columns) take a fifth to a half
second to become active and are not a concern.

My 'larger' queries take from 2 to 6 seconds to open (2 to 4 joined
tables, 20 to 50 columns). A few of these soon add up to a slow start-

I only have test data, so number of rows being returned isn't an
issue. It's across a 10M LAN, but even running on a local machine
(PIII 450MHz 256M) gives only a small improvement.

The primary question I have is to ask is are these sorts of times to
be expected?

I appreciate I can do stuff myself to help, such as opening on-demand
rather than at application start-up; pruning unnecessary columns;
no FetchAll; use SchemaCacheDir (any others?), but it would be
helpful for a newbie to know if 2 to 6 seconds are in any way
typical, or is it likely there is something fundamental I've missed

Thanks, Andy Garner.