Subject UpdateSQL bug ?
Author Marcello Mannino
HB> Sorry for initially sending you someone else's reply!
Oh, ok! :) Sorry for my previous answer but I received yours later.

HB> What is the SQL statement for IB_the query?

HB> What was the error you got when you clicked the button?
'Cannot assign a TIB_StringCache to a TIB_SchemaCache'

HB> The purpose of the "Generate for Procedure' button is to display an editor, from which you can select a stored procedure to
HB> use for the Insert or Edit or Delete action, and match up one or more columns from the dataset which are to be used as inputs
HB> to that SP. It will generate an ExecSQL statement for you, which you will be able edit, if you need to, in the appropriate
HB> pane of the UpdateSQL tab.
Yes it's exactly what I'd need!

>IBO 3.6D and Delphi 5
>If I double click an IB_Query, go to the UpdateSQL tab and click on
>'Generate for procedure' I get an error. I'm sorry but I'm not at home
>now, so I can't be more precise.
>I noticed that if I delete the IB_Query SQL property I don't get the
>error, but of course neither the UpdateSQL statement.
>'Generate for table' works fine.