Subject UpdateSQL bug ?
Author Marcello Mannino
HB> This list is for IB Objects, not InterBaseXpress.
HB> Take this to the interbasexpress newsgroup on the borland news
HB> server or, better still, if you value your sanity, go to
HB>, download IBO and cut your baby teeth on the
HB> TDataset-compatible data access components.
Helen, I know the difference between IBO and IBX!
Maybe you didn't know that IBO has that feature! :)

I checked better the error I get, it is:
'Cannot assign a TIB_StringCache to a TIB_SchemaCache'
I also checked the exact IBO version I'm using: 3.6.Db

>>IBO 3.6D and Delphi 5
>>If I double click an IB_Query, go to the UpdateSQL tab and click on
>>'Generate for procedure' I get an error. I'm sorry but I'm not at home
>>now, so I can't be more precise.
>>I noticed that if I delete the IB_Query SQL property I don't get the
>>error, but of course neither the UpdateSQL statement.
>>'Generate for table' works fine.
>>Thanks for your attention,
>> Marcello