Subject Re: [IBO] Insert/Edit/DeleteRecord
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Kristy,

kristinnolan@... wrote:
> I have a query where I need to add a record, edit a record, and
> delete a record.
> The code below is what I am using to edit the record. Do I need to
> put this statement in the Edit SQL property? All the help
> information I have read says I don't need to use the Edit, Insert,
> and Delete SQL properties.
> select * from mytable
> where filekey = :filekey for update

assuming that filekey is the primary key of your table, the most important
thing is to make IBO aware of that identity (see KeyLinks):

- fill the SQL TStrings property with "select * from mytable"
(if possible, avoid "select *" unless you really need *all* the columns,
but that's just a performance issue)

when you use the "where filekey=:filekey" clause, you must do something

with myquery do
ParamByName('filekey').AsInteger := <myfilekey>;
and you will get exactly one record (if any) - not sure if that's what
you wanted. If you know the filekey in advance, and only want that one row,
then that's the way to go.

- set KeyLinks to "mytable.filekey". Important, so IBO can uniquely identify
each row. Normally, when KeyLinksAutoDefine is True, ibo will figure this out
by itself, but afaik only when there is a declared PRIMARY KEY CONSTRAINT
on your table. Anyway good habit to explicitly set it.

- set RequestLive to TRUE (same effect as adding " for update" to your SQL)

If this is set up right, you will not need EditSQL/DeleteSQL etc.
Just use the usual Edit/Insert/Post/Cancel/Delete methods. IBO will build
the appropriate UPDATE / DELETE FROM / INSERT INTO sqls automagically
behind the scenes - in fact the IBO feature i like best <g>. You will find that
with IBO, you will (close to) never have to write any INSERT/UPDATE sqls

The only situation where you *must* set e.g. EditSQL is when you do joins
across multiple tables, sthg like

select, a.somefield, b.id_a, b.otherfield
from tablea a join tableb b on (

In this case, ibo can not tell which table to insert/update/delete from (a or
so you must write an EditSQL like "update tablea set somefield=:somefield where
id=:old_id". (where "old_" is virtually the same as "old." in IB triggers: a
way to access the current row data)

As you are new to this, i would advise to take a look at the Getting Started
Guide (from Costs ~ 30$ and is worth every penny. Invaluable
source to get you going imho.