Subject Re: [IBO] IB_VTree ? which version of VirtualTrees
Author Chuck Belanger
Lucas and others:

No, no, no.

The web site is not where you go for the latest versions. There is a Yahoo
group called something like Virtual Tree View which has a file download
section just like IBO. Its a very active group, but alas the most active
people know little about IB or IBO and could not help me with the problem of
having the latest VTV work with the Feb 2001 version of IB_VTree.

Chuck Belanger

Lucas Franzen wrote:

> Lester Caine schrieb:
> >
> > I have finally got round to playing with my engineering
> > interface, which is crying out for a tree structure.
> >
> > IB_VTree demo displays my database nicely ( I just renamed
> > the relevent columns ), but I can't get a working component
> > together because I think VirtualTrees has moved on.
> >
> > What versions should I be using? or has anything else come
> > up yet?
> A little excerpt from Mike Lischke's (author of the VirtualTree)
> homepage
> ( goto: VirtualTreeview.html )
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> 16. June 2001:
> Do not think there would nothing happen with Virtual
> Treeview. It is just so that I am currently preparing Version
> 2.x and want to have a better documentation ready before
> I publish it. Some new things will appear with the new
> version like ActiveX controls, an Explorer tree derivation,
> data aware trees (BDE and IBO), better BCB integration and
> many improvements and bug fixes. So stay tuned...
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Luc.
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