Subject Re: [IBO] IB_VTree ? which version of VirtualTrees
Author Chuck Belanger

I'm not much of a D5 programmer or for that matter familiar with IB, but I
did spend a number of sleepless nights working with IB_VTree and finally
moved on. But it is a tantalizing combination of Virtual Tree View and an IB
component. I got only one email response from the author and apparently he
used version 2.1 of VTV.

If you can get it to work with larger datasets, PLEASE let me know. I'm
working with a growing database that will comparatively soon exceed a 100,000
records that I would want to load on a tree view. I understand that this is
the upper limit of the Windows based tree view.

Here is my last post to the VTV group:

Hi, All:

Well, I gave it my best shot. I had some help and pointers from Jim and
in the end I got IB_Vree to "kind of" work.


you are using InterBase and want to load tables into a Treeview and


your tables are around 1000 records or so or less (I really don't know
the upper limit, but at 33,000 records it went from about 6 seconds to
load the exe and bring up the sample app to something over 15 minutes,
at which point I ctrl-Alt-del and cancelled the program. I'm guessing
its a memory allocation issue, but for this Delphi newbie, that's out of
my league.)


it works great with the minor modifications that I posted:

1. Cut and past the declaration for DoGetImageIndex from VT in the
interface and implimentation sections.
2. Set the IB_VTree.Header.Options.hoAutosize to TRUE.
3. Make sure the query you use in the IB_Query component has the field
that you want to use as a caption first (in the sample it is simply
DESCRIPTION) in the SQL SELECT statement.

At this point it is easier to modify the application's source code that
I'm trying to modify (which already uses the TTreeView) than try to make
these two components work properly together.

Regards to all,

Chuck Belanger, L.Ac.
Richmond, CA

Lester Caine wrote:

> I have finally got round to playing with my engineering
> interface, which is crying out for a tree structure.
> IB_VTree demo displays my database nicely ( I just renamed
> the relevent columns ), but I can't get a working component
> together because I think VirtualTrees has moved on.
> What versions should I be using? or has anything else come
> up yet?
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