Subject RE: [IBO] C++ Builder 4 Pro and the latest version of IBO
Author Norman Dunbar
The explanation is at hand !

Thanks to Geoff, I now know why I can't compile the latest version of IBO
using C++ Builder - it is because there aren't enough .pas files to let me
do this. I seem to have been able to do this in the past because I managed
to download a full set of source files (don't ask me how !) which had the
required .pas files to build the components in C++ Builder. Checking my
working version shows that I have Components.pas and Parse.pas (amongst
others) and these are not in the latest download.

Jason - any idea how this could have happened ? I did once request a C++
version (as per the web site instructions) but was told that the download on
the site was suitable - and it was. I'm still confused :o(


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