Subject Re: default value in table field
> It is less costly to give IBO the defaults yourself, using the
>attribute DEFAULT in the ColumnAttributes of the column. Or you can
>flag the attribute REQUIRED as false and let the SQL pass without
>including the column in the GetRequiredFields checking.
> Another alternative is to omit the column from your insert SQL and
>have the server populated the computed by or defaulted columns for

I omitted this column from IBOTable in this way :
I opened Fields Editor doubleclicking IBOTable, I included all fields
and I removed field NFILE_UP. I think that this operation instructs
IBOTable to process and send to Database only selected fields.
But it raises exception "NFILE_UP is a required field".

> >Second solution : I tried it but it doesn't work; IBO always use
> >database definitions and test NFILE_UP as required.
> What did you try to do?
I followed your suggestion to set REQUIRED attribute to FALSE as you
explained in your previous answer :
I included all fields in the same way I explained above, I selected
NFILE_UP and set REQUIRED to False.
I set Table Active to False and soon after to True; Column
Attribute Required remained set to False. I removed NFILE_UP from
DBGrid and it remained only into Table Definitions.
I get the same exception.