Subject Re: [IBO] C++ Builder 4 Pro and the latest version of IBO
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:46 AM 04-06-01 +0100, you wrote:
>Hello again,
>I downloaded the latest version of IBO 3.6 DG yesterday or the day before
>and I've now attempted to install it into BCB4.
>First I removed it from BCB using install packages | remove - no problems.
>Then I extracted everything into a new directory
>Then I extracted D4_DCU to get the stuff I don't have the source for -
>I opened IBO_C4.bpk and compiled it.
>It fell over with an error in IB_Session.pas line 412. The error message is
>Unit IB_Componnets was compiled with a different version of IB_Header.short.
>I'm a tad confused.
>I tried again with a clean install and this time extracted D5_dcu - just in
>Different problem this time - it's looking for a source file called
>I'd like to get this version installed, but I may have to go back to a
>previous version if not. I havent seen any BCB4 problems in the archives on
>Anyone got any ideas on what I've done wrong/missed out/shouldn't have done
>etc ?
>PS, I'm in 'digest' mode and about to go home, so I'll probably not reply
>until Monday.

LOL, which Monday?

A possible reason for your problems is that your environment path is still set up to point to the old directory.

Also, did you make sure to delete the old package libraries from your output directory?


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