Subject Re: [IBO] default value in table field
Nando, Helen

NFILE_UP is a secondary field I use only for some checks or for set
order sequence.
I am looking for a solution that allow me to don't worry with
calculated fields into the application. So I thought to charge
Database to do it for me.

I constructed Before_Insert and Before_Update triggers :
NEW.nfile_up := Upper(New.nfile) and following SQL instruction :

Insert into Finfile (nfile,des60) values ('Customers','Customer
Information') it works well !!

Delphi, IBConsole, IB_WISQL ... require data for all not null fields.
I put Default Value to cheat them , but it doesn't work.
They don't use default value definitions.

Second solution : I tried it but it doesn't work; IBO always use
database definitions and test NFILE_UP as required.

Finally : it seems I have to accept to fill these information into
all applications that will post records.